About us

International Wines Group is a source of High quality wine. IWG is a collaborative network of state vineyards from the main producer countries that care about vines and fine wines and feel passion for making wine. IWG offers boutique wines at value prices.

About IWG


IWG has a strong commitment when it comes to helping and supporting those who need it the most will be to donate a certain % of the price of each bottle to help different Foundations that are around the countries and states they operate in order to help the locals. We like to be part of the community in each location where we operate and sell our wines.

“Supporting the local cultures, economies, and environment is as important to us as proportioning the best customer service.”


IWG welcomes wineries seeking representation into USA market.

We invite you contact us: International Wines Group
350 Lincoln Road - Floor 2 | Miami Beach, FL 33139