Agricola Sant Josep


The Agricola San Josep was founded in 1962 and is engaged mainly in the production and processing of fine wines from the harvest itself. The trajectory of this cooperative from D.O.Terra Alta not be understood without the strong and visionary leadership of Mr. Francisco Martin Alcoverro (Bot, 1950) who, during much of the 90s and the early years of the new millennium, he was its president. Martin, who is still a professional grower, laid the foundation for market- oriented production of fine wines, proposing trademarks attractive and more professional management of the winery.
The vineyards are cultivated in Agricola Sant Josep for more than a hundred members and producers occupy 500 hectares around the village of Bot. No other area of ​​vines so big and close to Port of limestone soil like this.

From this privileged enclave therefore, a cooler and humid local climate many areas of Terra Alta and South Catalan wine, can explain the virtues of wine, and very particular, his “Llàgrimes de Tardor”(Tears of Autumn), Brau de Bot and Clot d’Encís white .
This wine is important and it is white!

Reveals the characteristic golden tones of "Terra Alta" before and complexity, salinity, freshness and persistence of the great white world. It is a very refined wine that hardly sold without a minimum of two years of traditional breeding. Generally reaches its full potential aromatic and taste between the third and fifth year. You can taste a wide range of temperatures, between 8 and 14 ° C.

By pairing it with gastronomy should opt for dishes intense flavors , usually spoon, but will be exalted as an aperitif , accompanying , for example a table of selected good ham or sausage .
Today many continue to harvest the vines that gave that first harvest, but some manufacturers from Terra Alta have achieved the quality and uniqueness of their wines is so dependent on an idea, a concept, such as strains and land that saw the birth. Balance between nature and culture. Finally, land of great wines

Clot White

Tasting notes: it shows a pale yellow colour. It is fruity and slightly nuanced aromas. On the palate it is fresh, persistent and with body, both characteristics from the variety and the production region.

Clot Rosé

It shows a pale red colour and a fruity and varietal nose. On the palate it is fresh, dry and full-bodied.

Clot Red

Red colour with purple glints. It is fruity and varietal wine with fine hints of terroir aromas (Mediterranean woods). On the palate is full-bodied, fruity and luscious.