Winery is located in Rubi de Bracamonte, a village in the heart of Valladolid province within Rueda appellation. Our vines stretch over 27 hectares (67 acres) and are mostly made up of Verdejo, planted some 2 km from the village on the high plateau.

Wines produced at Dominio de Verderrubi take full advantage of soils that are perfectly suited for white wine production, particularly for Verdejo grape variety.

Below fast-draining topsoil there is a deep 50cm layer of clay, which serves as a moisture-base for the vine roots, enabling the grapes to preserve acidity during the last stages of the ripening process while at the same time building up aromatic precursors.

Winemaker - VerderrubiEmilio J. Pita

Emilio J. Pita is an oenologist and vine grower by profession. After studying wine in Bordeaux, France, and training as a winemaker in the USA and New Zealand, he decided to take on the running of his family’s winery and vinify the grapes of vines that his ancestors had lovingly cared for.
He had always cherished the idea of making his very own wine, looking after every little detail from the tasks performed in the vines, through the wine-making process, till the bottling and shipping. Birth of Dominio de Verderrubi, is a dream become true.
“My wines carefully combine time-honored skills and traditions from Europe with the dynamic boldness from the New World. It encapsulates all the good wine-making practices I have witnessed both within and outside our old continent.”


A delicate entry on the palate, enhanced by pleasant, refreshing acidity which makes the wine very lingering. Well-structured with balsamic touches and grapefruit notes coming through together. 


Long and fresh acidity, stabilized in a natural way. Full body on the palate due to the fermentation on the lees. An oaky touch so light that permits a fruity and fresh young wine but with a more complexity thanks to the oak.