Hispano Bodegas is one of the major wine producing groups in Spain with its own wineries in the three most important Denominations of Origin in the country: Rioja, Ribera del Duero, and Rueda. Our wine group has successfully developed a modern wine producing enterprise with a strategic focus on quality, variety, flexibility, and innovation. At the core of our corporate mission is a respect for the history and traditions of each of our wineries and their respective wine producing regions. In keeping with our corporate mission we apply production and aging processes that preserve the unique personality supplied by the terroir of each of our wineries. What makes our group a leader in wine making is its people. Our production teams are comprised of highly qualified individuals with an exceptional knowledge of viticulture and oenology.

Hispano Bodegas - The Wine MakerMaría José García

Technical Director and Oenologist at Viñedos y Bodegas Gormaz (D.O. Ribera del Duero)
Agricultural engineer and oenology.
Responsible for ensuring the efficiency and quality of all of the winery processes, both technical and management-related. Without necessarily intervening directly, in the end, this is the person responsible for giving life to the new wine by supervising the tasks associated with the harvest and production, deciding on the cuvee of the different vines, different “parajes” ( wine growing areas) and the products resulting from fermentation, and supervising the ageing process in order to satisfactorily complete the cycle and guarantee the planned wine.
This person coordinates the work of all winery personnel. Always aware of the most minimal variations during the gestation of the new wine, this person is also responsible for supervising the bottling work and, in general, the entire winemaking cycle to ensure it is completed with the greatest of efficiency and quality. In our case, this person is María José García. She offers her experience and know-how and, above all, her passion for defending the concept we call “typification”.

Catania Rose

Powerful varietal aromas of fresh fruit.

Palate: Full and fresh with a balanced acidity. 

Catania Young

Nose: Prominent varietal aromas of fresh fruit.

Palate: Fresh, tasty and persistent.

Catania Crianza

Nose: Ripe fruit aromas, sweet, with hints of cocoa and roasted coffee.

Palate: Broad, sweet, with a long finish and a nice aftertaste.

Catania Oak Aged

Nose: Aromas of fresh fruit, vanilla and roasted coffee.

Palate: Warm, full, fresh and balanced with hints of vanilla. 

12 Linajes Verdejo

Nose: Intense and very fruity , distinct pear aromas with tropical fruits hints (pineapple).

Palate: Pleasant and delicate entry, balanced and rounded, smooth and persistent. Very elegant.

12 Linajes Crianza

Nose: High intensity with varietal aromas and vanilla and roasted coffee notes.

Palate: Well structured and intense palate, meaty, velvety with a persistent aftertaste. 

12 Linajes Roble

Nose: Fresh red fruits combined with balsamic vanilla notes.

Palate: Rounded and balanced, with nice and soft tannins and spicy touches with red fruits in the aftertaste. 

12 Linajes Reserva

Nose: Complex and elegant, predominating red and black fruits with balsamic notes.

Palate: Silky, greasy, sweety and full palate, ripe tannins and intense balsamic and roasted coffee notes.