Pago de la Jaraba


LA JARABA is located on the historical site of the same name, between the municipalities of Villarrobledo and El Provencio, in the heart of La Mancha. Very few estates can boast of having such a rich history as La Jaraba, Palaeolithic settlements have been found on the shore of the Valdelobos River that crossed the estate.

Situate at 756 meters above sea level, the soil of La Jaraba was formed in the Neogene, Pliocene of the Tertiary, with red facies of conglomerates, sandstones and marls. We can find the bottom of depressions covered with clay, muddy material, sometime sandy, with the noteworthy presence of due formations, currently fixes by thicket and pine, which surround the winery and the vineyards. With this structure and the temperate continental Mediterranean climate, the cultivation of the vines takes place in optimum conditions to ensure the quality of the grape.

Our SINGLE VINEYARD ESTATE has an extension of 80 Ha. The only fertilizer used is sheep manure from the flock on the estate, with the aim of improving the structure of the soil…always advocating a sustainable agriculture.

Taking the fully-mature, hand-picked grapes, the winemaking process is initiated. At this state, the main priorities are gentle handling, hygiene and quality; for this purposes, PAGO DE LA JARABA employ the most up-to-date winemaking technology in order to fatigue the product as little as possible and to bring out the best in it. Once the wine has been created, we change technology for tradition; the devatting after fermentation take us to the maturing section where the wine starts a brief maturing process in French oak vats and concrete tanks, before the wine passes to the oak-barrel aging sections.

Finally, a gentle bottling process allow us to enjoy these high-quality and well-priced ESTATE BOTLLED WINES from the heart of the up and coming La Mancha region.



  • Vino lanzado este año y no sometido todavía a concursos, guías…




  • GOLD MEDAL at “Tempranillos al Mundo” Awards



Pedro del Toro - The Wine MakerNow in the fourth decade of his winemaking career, PEDRO DEL TORO has earned the universal respect of winemaking peers and grape growers in La Mancha region. A self-described perfectionist, he has constantly refined his vineyard practices, wines and techniques. Pedro does not rest on his laurels ― he grows. “People frequently ask what is the best wine I have ever made. I tell them it’s not made yet!”

After accumulating experience in renowned wineries, Pedro (born in Villarrobledo - 1958) joined the project of Pago de La Jaraba in 2002 as Chief Winemaker: “In LA JARABA I have found the vineyard which allows me to express the potential of the La Mancha terroir delivering well-priced & high-quality wines”.

Pago de la Jaraba
Viña Jaraba