Pago del Vicario winery and its 130 Has. of vineyards are located at 9 Km from Ciudad Real, by the banks of the Guadiana river and in the foothills of the Toledo mountains. The predominant variety is Tempranillo, the Spanish grape per excellence, but the vineyard also has Garnacha, Graciano, Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot for red wines; Chadonnay and Sauvignon blanc as white varieties. We employ some organic techniques and practice sustainable viticulture. All the grapes are dedicated to making our own wines in accordance with the Pago philosophy since this project started in 2000. All the wines are the result of cool temperature harvesting, from around 4 o´clock in the morning, with grapes selected at their optimum maturity. The harvest and the later elaboration are made separately variety by variety according to the wine into which they will be made. The barrel hall has different types of oak: predominantly French but also American and Eastern European oak. Its global character makes Pago del Vicario not only a quality wines winery, but also provides an opportunity to get close to wine culture. The winery Hotel, a 4 star establishment, has 23 rooms and one suite, and offers to its guests guided visits in the winery and vineyards, tasting courses and outdoor activities for groups and companies. The restaurant, situated within the Winery building, suggest a cuisine in which the product is paramount in harmony with the wines of the estate.

Pago del Vicario - The Wine MakerSUSANA LOPEZ MENDIONDO

Susana López Mendiondo was born in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, although she studied Agricultural Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, University where she studied also the Master of Oenology.
After a period of four years in the winery Mas Gil, Calonge (Girona), where she worked under the supervision of Peter Sisseck great, legendary author of Pingus, the Clos D’Agon wines, in 2002 she started in the cellar Pago Del Vicario.
She currently serves as the technical director of Pago del Vicario group with direct winemaking of Ciudad Real and Fondón in the province of Almeria.
“My wines are a constant search for originality. I love the challenge of opening new avenues for varieties such as Tempranillo vinified in white; the Petit Verdot in a pink bodied Merlot or a natural sweet. My maxim is surprise and pleases with wines that make us life easier. ”


It takes its name from the five months that it has spent in barrel, the five varieties that have been used to compose the wine (Tempranillo, Cabernet sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot y Petit Verdot) and the five senses that we hope to excite.

Fruit forward, fresh with mint and chocolate flavors. Agreeable tannins with strawberries, cream hints and subtly spiced finish. Well integrated oak contributes a slight smoky finish.


Our Petit Verdot Rosé is without doubt one of the clearest bets for something different: making rosé from 100% Petit Verdot is, according to many, unique indeed. This is a wine that will excite lovers of rose wines and gain new followers of a style that has often been unjustly overlooked. In mouth the wine is fresh, vibrant and lively with great balance and a long finish. Fruit character from the nose follows onto the palate with strawberry bubblegum flavors, sweet notes of cherry and orange jam.