Winery was founded in the O Rosal Valley, within the territory encompassing the Rías Baixas Denomination of Origin. The winery started with an initial production of 37,000 bottles from the 1990’s harvest. Currently we are commercializing more than 1.5 million bottles. 

The vineyards are in a privileged position in the O Rosal valley, near the mouth of the River Miño, close to A Guarda, bordering Portugal, in the extreme south of the Pontevedra province. They are situated between 50 and 150 metres above sea level, arising from ancient river terraces and consisting of slate (metamorphic schist), which brings mineral notes to our wines and is unique in the granite predominant soil in the D.O. Rías Baixas.

Our vineyards bask in an exceptional microclimate characterized by gentle temperatures, with an annual average of 15⁰C, scarce frost and abundant rainfall. This microclimate is ideal for ripening, with a high sugar content and lower acidity than that of other areas in the north of the D.O. Rías Baixas, which suffer higher weather fluctuation. Around the winery we have 87 hectares of vines, which together with our land in the O Condado subzone and the plantations of our partners, gives us 160 hectares of vineyards.

Vinos del Mundo - The Wine MakerEmilio Rodríguez

Winemaker Emilio Rodríguez has been the director of winemaking for Terras Gauda since 1999.
Licensed in Pharmacy with a Masters in Enology and Viticultural studies through ETSI, Agronomy (Polytechnic University of Madrid), Rodríguez completed his postgraduate studies in Small Business and Cooperatives Management at Universidad de Santiago de Compostela.
Rodríguez was the technical director in various wineries in Galicia from 1990-1999, gaining considerable expertise in the region before assuming his position as lead winemaker at Terras Gauda in 1999.
Rodríguez is credited with extensive research and development in several unique projects: innovative “sur lees” aging process (patented in 2010); the first clonal selection of the Albariño variety in 1992 and the experimentation with native yeast strains, as a result Terras Gauda is one of only four Spanish wineries to hold a yeast patent. Terras Gauda has been awarded with the “Research Award” from Royal Academy of Science in 2009 (First time that a winery receives this award).


A predominantly fruit forward wine, clear and very direct, it perfectly combines citric aromas with and attractive base of ripe apple and memories of aromatic herbs. Predominant on the palate a pleasant acidity that carries a fresh liveliness. It demonstrates a good structure, with a dense and creamy sensation that provides a final and long balance, expanding varietal sensation.